How long does a session generally last?

Usually, sessions last between 60-90 minutes. However, I don’t put a “hard limit” on the session length. I’ll continue shooting until both of us are comfortable with the quality and quantity of the images that I’ve captured. You’ll never feel rushed.

How long before I get my photographs?

I deliver proofs of your images within 5 days, usually sooner. Then, I’ll pick out my favorite images and send you a recommendation list. You make the final call on what will be retouched or you can allow me to choose for you.

Retouching generally takes 10-15 days. I spend hours on a single photograph to get it perfect and I’ll refuse to release an image if it’s completely unusable.

I have an awesome location for my photo shoot! Will you work there for me?

As long as it isn’t inside an active volcano, underwater, or on a trapeze line, yes.

Well, we can talk about the volcano. It would be pretty cool.

Should I hire the makeup artist?

I recommend make-up for everyone. The only reason anyone has ever requested a reshoot is if they don’t like their hair and makeup. I now work with two make up artists who I trust completely¬†(and never receive complaints from clients).

Who has the copyright to the images?

The photographer. You are granted a licence to use them for personal use